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Narrative Marketing

More and more communication affects behavior, consumption and social events. More and more the process of value creation is based on the ability to tell stories; and brands (and institutions) work to get in deep resonance with their audiences by originating tales which can be shared.

As a consequence, the importance of narrative marketing is increasing. Marketing today has to be very sensitive to the symbolic value of products and fully understand the principles of storytelling.

Research is a precious tool for grasping the signs of change and identifying the most promising brand stories. In order to succeed in this task, the analysis must be updated to the last developments of narrative sciences. In this area we offer a specific competence, which has recently led to the publication of several books.

Offline and Online

The typical tools of qualitative research – face to face interviews, ethnographic interviews, focus groups – remain a fundamental tool in Alphabet for any need to gain a thorough knowledge of facts and feelings.

But to these we add the extraordinary possibilities for research brought up by the new communication technologies. Among them:

  • the analysis of web storytelling, that clarifies how brands can make the most of the circulation of their stories on the net
  • the social media monitoring, that allows to explore what people say about brands spontaneously and  assume the web as a huge permanent focus group
  • the web-based quantitative research, that permits to extend the analysis of consumption and communication phenomena on a global scale, in short times and at low cost.

On all these aspects we offer a strong advisory role and great expertise in conducting integrated quali-qualitative research at international level.

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